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Ways Water Treatment Plants Clean Wastewater For Reuse

Posted by Admin on December, 11, 2012

With concerns regarding judicial use of water and its conservation, the concept of reusing the wastewater assumes quite an importance. But wastewater is contaminated with innumerable physical, chemical and biological impurities. These impurities need to be separated from the wastewater to make it reusable in any practical application. For this purpose, there are Water Treatment Plants that remove the contaminants from wastewater making it fit for reuse.

Cleaning Action Of Wastewater Treatment Plants

Wastewater has to pass through a number of purification processes and stages before it becomes really reusable. There are three stages in wastewater treatment namely, primary, secondary and tertiary. There is also a pre-treatment phase before these stages. During pre-treatment, the contaminants like plastic bags, rags, etc. that can be easily segregated from the wastewater are removed.

Primary Treatment Of Wastewater

During primary treatment, wastewater is allowed to temporarily stand in large basins. Eventually heavy solid impurities called sludge settle down in the bottom and lighter impurities like grease and fats float. Both these contaminants are segregated and then the wastewater is further subjected to secondary treatment.

Secondary Treatment Of Wastewater

During this stage, wastewater is treated to get rid of suspended and dissolved biological impurities. Processes such as biological oxidation and nitrification play a major role in this stage. Certain water-borne microorganisms feed on the biological impurities present in the water. These microbes are further removed in the later stages of purification.

Tertiary Treatment Of Wastewater

The wastewater coming from the primary and secondary stages of treatment still contains residual suspended particles, chemical (phosphorus, nitrogen, etc.) and biological contaminants. In this stage wastewater is subjected to processes such as filtration, lagooning, nutrient removal and disinfection. Besides, this wastewater is also treated eliminate foul odor. The water coming out of the Wastewater Treatment Plant is fit for several industrial applications and can be safely discharged in natural water bodies also.

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