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The Vital Importance Of Industrial Process Water Treatment

Posted by Admin on December, 11, 2012

Water is one of the primary resources required in the industrial processes. Water is used in cooling, air conditioning, refrigeration, power generation and in several industrial operations and equipment. The functioning of Industrial Water Systems can be severely affected by untreated water containing contaminants of different nature. Thus, Industrial process water needs to be made fit for these machineries by subjecting it to several treatment techniques and methods.

Need For Industrial Process Water Treatment

If untreated water is used for the several industrial operations mentioned above there are chances of some serious problems. For example, the suspended particulate impurities present in the untreated water may gradually deposit in the machinery. In the machines with pipes or pumps, accumulation of suspended matter may reduce or even restrict water flow thus hampering the smooth functioning of the machines. This is just an example and the damage may be quite severe.

The biological contaminants present in water too, have very serious consequences on the operational efficiency of the industrial water systems. Microorganisms including algae, bacteria, and fungi may thrive in the favorable conditions in the machineries. Damaging and decaying of wooden parts of cooling towers is a common example of what biological contaminants can do. Further, biological contaminants corrode the cooling water equipment and emit foul odor too. Thus, industrial water needs to be treated before use.

Benefits Of Industrial Water Treatment

  • Industrial Water Treatment ensures the operational efficiency of the equipment in which water is being used.
  • Prolonged functional life of the Industrial Water Systems.
  • Reduced frequency of repair or replacement

All these benefits can only be reaped when proper emphasis is given to Industrial Water Treatment. There are several Industrial Water Treatment Plants available in the market. Mechanism of treatment might differ but eventually the objectives are same that is to control corrosion, fouling, and microbiological growth in the water that has to be used in industrial processes.

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