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Posted by Admin on June, 06, 2012

Ultra Filtration is a scientific method of membrane filtration. It is a separation process which utilizes hydro- static pressure force, semi permeable in nature. This method resembles the methods of Reverse Osmosis, Nano Filtration and Micro Filtration. The solid and high weight materials are separated from the fluid whereas the low weight floating particles flow along with the water. This process of filtration is mostly used in major industries where macromolecular solutions are studied and purified. Such Ultra Filtration Plants remove the micro bacterial counts in water and the process is done by using disinfectants; chemicals are avoided in this process.

Applications Of Ultra Filtration:

  • Removal of Drinking water with disinfectants
  • Wastewater treatment
  • Removal of endocrines and pesticides
  • Concentration of milk before making cheese
  • Dialysis and other blood treatments
  • Desalting and solvent-exchange of proteins
  • Clarification of fruit juice
  • Fractionation of proteins
  • Laboratory grade water purification
  • Recovery of vaccines and antibiotics from fermentation broth
  • Downstream processing of biotechnology-derived proteins


  • Deep filtration of fluid
  • Compact procedures
  • Simple automated process
  • No chemical usage
  • Removes microorganisms and waste particles

The membrane which is present in the Ultra Filter Plant should be semi permeable in nature and ultra thin. With the help of a driving force, a fluid is applied all over the membrane. This helps the membrane to become highly capable of separating floating materials. Suspended organic particles and other harmful particles which impart colors, odors, taste and toxicity to the fluid can be eliminated by the use of membrane method.

Traditionally, the technology was used only to remove bacteria from the water. But now with the use of modern technology, harmful particles and other fine particles can also be removed. In past few years, technological advancement have been made, which has led the process of filtration more effective. Ultra Filtration ensures better quality of water with the removal of dissolved waste materials and colloidal particles from water. The membrane of a UF Plant contains various pores which segregate what types of the particles are to be eliminated from the water.

As evident from its numerous applications, this method has become very popular in diverse industries for separation of different materials as well as purification. Today, there are many Ultra Filtration System Manufacturers who offer them in different models for different needs.

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