Why Sewage Treatment System Is Important

Posted by Admin on June, 06, 2012

Industries, commercial establishments, as well as households are producing sewage every day. The sewage contains water from toilets, bathroom as well as drain water, water from industrial processing etc. So the wastewater should be purified for its proper utilization or reuse. Sewage Treatment is process to clean the wastewater which comes from industries, houses and other areas. Sewage Treatment is the method of eliminating unwanted waste products from wastewater and sewage. This treatment process removes the physical, chemical and biological contaminants from waste water. Such Sewage Treatment is important to clean the polluted water and make it fit for reuse.


  • The main objective of Sewage Treatment System is to produce environmentally-safe water, useful for various purposes.
  • It’s another objective is to separate the solid waste present in the water and make it useful as a farm fertilizer.
  • Its objective is to purify the waste water and make it fit for various purposes.

Steps To Gather Sewage:

  • The system for Sewage Treatment is known as STEP (Septic Tank Effluent Pumping). In every individual’s house you can find collection tanks which separate the liquid and solid waste materials from waste water. The liquid waste substances are drained out through a pipe which reaches the downstream treatment.
  • Next, is by using Low Pressure Pumps and Vacuum Systems. In houses or commercial places, a Grinder Pump is used in Low Pressure System at the point of connection. A Vacuum Sewer System is placed centrally which is used to move the liquid forward. It can provide services to 1,200 houses approximately.

Stages Of Sewage Treatment System:

  • Primary Treatment: Here the solid (floating and settled) materials like plastic, rags, wood etc. are removed and subjected to secondary treatment.
  • Secondary Treatment: Here, dissolved micro organisms from the treated water are separated and subjected to tertiary treatment.
  • Tertiary Treatment: In this stage physical and chemical impurity, odors, microbes, and very fine particles are removed from the sewage. It makes the waste water sufficiently clean for reuse.

For both commercial and residential establishments, different types Sewage Treatment Systems are used depending on the size of population. Their sizes and designs also vary according to the establishments. The importance of Sewage Treatment System cannot be undermined in today’s times when natural resources are depleting at an alarming rate and the practice of recycling and reusing has to be adopted. Therefore, not only industrial establishments but even residential societies should opt for the latest Sewage Treatment technologies for proper waste management.

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