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Industrial Ultra-Filtration System

Posted by Admin on June, 06, 2012

The basic process of Ultra-filtration is based on the membrane technology. In an Ultra-filtration Plant a large number of membranes are used in the process of purifying or filtering the water. As a result of this process, most of the pathogens like the various bacteria and viruses along with the colloidal matter and microscopic particles are removed from the water. The Ultra-filtration control system can be used for industrial purposes and also finds use as a Pre-treatment system for the process of Reverse Osmosis. This is so since the Ultra-filtration process can remove most of the particles that may harm the membrane of the Reverse Osmosis Plant. The Ultra-filtered Water can also be taken for portable applications as it saves the effort of putting the same water sample through various costly and unreliable Waste Water Treatment Plants and Drinking Water Treatment Plants, once Ultra-filtration is done.

The process of Ultra-filtration finds extensive usage in many areas. Some of the functions are as follows:

  • It is used for Pre-treatment in the various Reverse Osmosis Plants and saves the Reverse Osmosis membrane from any damage as it filters out substances like suspended solids, SDI and colloidal silica which harm the membrane of the Reverse Osmosis Plant.
  • It also removes metals like Iron from the water so as to make it fit and suitable for drinking.
  • It is used in the Post-treatment stage in the various DM Plants so that the microbial count and colloidal content can be reduced.

The ultra-pure water that is generated once water is treated in the Ultra-filtration Plant is free from substances like bacteria, suspended solids, salts, organic components as well as oxygen. The ultra-pure water is used in many industries as well as sectors with some of them being:

  • Semiconductors: - Ultra-pure water is used as the primary solvent to wash away the fine impurities of silicon which may negatively contribute in the overall working of the circuit.
  • Pharmaceuticals: - This industry requires ultra-pure water in several processes.
  • Steel Industry
  • Power Sector

On a concluding note, the Industrial Water Ultra-filtration System not only finds usage in several other industrial sectors but, it is clearly visible that they do serve as primary as well as secondary system for many other water purification processes.

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