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Waste Water Treatment And Water Storage

Posted by Admin on March, 26, 2012

Water is considered the essence of life. A human being can stay alive without food for a long time but the same does not apply to water. It is very important to keep the water clean and hygienic for use. The water when used for cleaning or similar purposes becomes waste as after use it contains various toxic particles and substances. The waste water needs to be treated. The process of cleaning Waste Water for reuse is called Waste Water Treatment.

Waste Water Treatment refers to treating and processing of water, which is contaminated with household, industrial, and agricultural waste. Waste Water Treatment is done so that the fluid and the waste get separated and the waste becomes suitable for dumping or for use as a fertilizer for the agricultural farms. The household waste includes waste from the kitchen, washroom, lawn and similar areas. The waste from agricultural sector comprises of left over animal food, animal dung, pesticide extracts and similar things. The industrial waste consists of waste from chemicals, products and many more things. It is always suggested to treat the industrial waste before it is released in water or land.

The process of Waste Water Treatment is lengthy. Here, the waste water goes through regular treatment to separate it from the solid waste. This is the Primary process. Here, the heavy solid waste from the water settles down at the bottom of the pit and the light ones float on the top. The top and bottom wastes are removed and then the water is goes for the secondary treatment. In the secondary treatment, the micro-organism or the soluble waste is removed. This process uses chemicals for the removal of the soluble waste. The water borne micro-organisms are treated in a controlled environment.

The last step of Waste Water Treatment involves checking of the treated water before releasing it to the desired destination. The treated water is stored and utilized for various purposes. This water is also used in agricultural fields, golf courses, lawns, gardens and many similar areas. Many industries store these treated water in underground tanks and reuse it for washing, cleaning or many similar purposes. Today, various heavy industries have Ultraviolet Water Purifier to treat the waste water before releasing it. The Industrial Filtration System helps various industries to treat the waste water before its release.

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