Ultraviolet Water Purifiers: Sterilize The Water To Kill Fungi Mold Spores And Microbes

Posted by Admin on March, 02, 2012

Till a few years ago, an Ultraviolet Water Purifier was a relatively new concept to hit the Indian markets. Today, it has achieved much acceptance that all major companies dealing in Water Treatment Systems offer Ultraviolet Water Purifiers on their product list.

Ultraviolet Water Purifier makes use of ultraviolet radiation to get rid of biological microbes in the water like bacteria, fungi, virus etc. The radiation directly attacks the DNA of the microorganisms, effectively sterilizing them and they eventually die. Ultraviolet Water Purifiers do not make use of any softening agents; hence there is alteration in the pH level or the taste of the water.

Ultraviolet Purifiers Have Many Advantages Over Other Systems:

  • These purifiers are very cost effective. At the same time, they prove highly efficient in killing most of the microbes associated with common water borne diseases. The electricity consumption required for these purifiers is not much.
  • As already mentioned, Ultraviolet Radiation Water Treatment does not change the pH level of water, nor is there any odor, taste or residue left after the process. Ultraviolet Radiation Water Purifiers also do not require the introduction of any chemicals into the water.
  • Water Purifiers with Ultraviolet Radiation Treatment System are easy to maintain and install. There is also no damage caused to the purifier during the process.
  • Ultraviolet radiation is so effective in killing the biological microbes that they can effectively treat water from any source – even highly contaminated ones.

But Ultraviolet Water Purifying Systems have a limitation – they cannot clean any dissolved contaminants or other dissolved metals. Ultraviolet radiation also does not work efficiently if the water is muddy. Hence, Modern Water Purifiers are a combination of some kind of filters and ultraviolet lamps. Filters effectively take care of any sediments or dissolved metals in the water before exposing it to ultraviolet radiation.

Care is also needed while exposing the water to radiation so as to maintain the contact for some time so that UV can effectively get rid of all microbes. The exposure should be evenly spread over the surface of the water.

Other than these points, Ultraviolet Purifier is the safest bet when it comes to choosing a water purifier for your home.

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